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Hydra Quartz

Hydra Quartz
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Biological Treatment that rapidly removes blanket weed, string algae and slime. Ideal for Koi and fish ponds, lakes, water traps, natural pools and irrigation systems.


  • Easy to use granules which work on contact to eliminate slime, blanket weed and string algae.
  • Same eco friendly bacteria action as barley straw but with rapid results.
  • No waiting weeks for results with no messy, smelly straw to remove.
  • Hydra Quartz starves the blanket weed by chelating and absorbing nitrates and phosphates which are essential for blanket weed growth; its bacteria and enzymes control and prevent blanket weed for extended periods.
  • Does not affect biological filters or pumps.
  • Harmless to all fish, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, humans, mammals, animals and water plants.
  • Easy to use simply sprinkle or broadcast onto affected areas.
  • UV lights can be left on during treatment.

How to Use

The product should be applied as soon as blanket weed appears in your pond. If there are fish in your pond, we recommend treating the pond in halves so that the fish have somewhere to swim to when the blanket weed is dying.

You should start seeing the effects of the treatment rapidly as it starves the blanket weed of the essential nutrients it needs to grow.

Unfortunately Blanket Weed is notoriously difficult to prevent from returning, as it can be brought in to your pond by birds, other aquatic plants and by the wind. Therefore if you want to keep your pond free from blanket weed you must re-apply the Quartz as soon as you see it return.

Initial Dose

1 Heaped spoonful (blue spoon in tub)

Treats 100 gallons

1 ounce

Treats 75 gallons

32 Ounces

Treats 2,400 gallons

11 Pounds

Treats 13,200 gallons

55 Pounds

Treats 66,000 gallons

Maintenance Dosage

1 heaped spoonful (blue spoon in tub)

Treats 500 gallons

1 ounce

Treats 375 gallons

32 ounce

Treats 12,000 gallons

11 Pounds

Treats 66,000 gallons

55 pounds

Treats 330,000 gallons

The Problem:

Blanket Weed is notoriously difficult to get rid of, and once you have it in your pond it can feel like a battle to contain it especially in the spring/summer months. The worst thing you can do is pull the weed out as this releases lots more spores into the water. Hydra Quartz starves the weed of the nutrients it needs to grow so that once it has died you can easily skim it from the surface without releasing any spores into your pond. It works rapidly and without any harmful residue, as the treatment dissociates back to its constituent elements of oxygen and hydrogen within around 48 hours.


Hydra Quartz can be used in ponds and does not affect any aquatic life or plants. For larger bodies of water and Lakes, Hydra Quartz comes in a more economical size as Hydra Lake Clear. Some of our customers include grounds keepers of golf courses, fishing lakes, leisure parks, stately homes and angling clubs.

More Info:

What is blanket weed?

Blanket weed is mostly found crowding your marginal plants, in the stream bed, and sometimes in bad cases it will grow on the bottom of your pond. Blanket weed is really hard to pull out of a pond because it clings to rocks, plants and everything else.

How do I get rid of blanket weed?

Use Hydra Quartz to remove the blanket weed and algae spores it will also act to help prevent further growth.

What is Hydra Quartz?

Hydra Quartz is a fish safe blend of minerals, enzymes and bacteria which work the same safe way as barley straw but rapidly no waiting for weeks to see results. It is fish safe and easy to use.

How does Hydra Quartz remove the string algae in my pond?

Hydra Quartz contains the same eco friendly bacteria action contained in barley straw which works on contact with rapid results. Hydra Quartz starves the blanket weed by chelating and absorbing nitrates and phosphates which are essential for blanket weed growth.

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